Website Health Check

Why do I need a website health check?

Having a healthy website can drastically increase your website traffic and conversion to sales and enquiries.

Research suggests that 4 in 10 Americans will give up on accessing a mobile website that doesn’t load in 3 seconds.  In real terms Amazon found that a 1 second lag in page load speeds cost them $1.6 Billion in sales each year, while Google calculate that a lag of four tenths of a second in returning search results would lose them 8 million searches a day resulting in a massive loss in advertising revenue.

Online users have the same expectation of a small business website as they do for large corporations such as Google and Amazon, put simply they will vote with a click of their mouse or the tap of a finger and head elsewhere if the site loads too slowly or the user experience is poor.

Websites are possibly the most under-utilised tool in the small business armoury. Most businesses build or have a website built and then do very little with it.

Is this like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Sort of yes.  Many of the areas that impact the health of your website will also impact your search engine optimisation.  For example, Google will preference sites on its mobile search platform that have a mobile friendly website. This is why having a healthy website can improve sales and enquiries.

What does a website health check cover?

Site Performance

A review of the performance of upto 15 pages within your site, this looks at how long the page takes to load and elements that slowing down your load time.

If you have Google Analytics or another analytics platform installed on your site then I will use these to help us assess the performance of your site.


Accessibility generally means having content on your site that can be used by any web user.  While accessibility is generally thought of as ensuring users with an impairment or disability use your site, it can also relate to ensuring that your site is responsive to mobile and table devices, or will load on low-speed internet connections.

Best Practice

Dose your site comply with current best practice guidelines?  Are you using out of date code or depreciated technology that may be hurting your sites performance or security?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Checking your site against the Google webmaster Guidelines to check that your site is able to achieve the best possible ranking.

How much dose a Website Health check cost?

The cost of a Website Health Check is $600 +GST.  You will receive a report written in non-technical language that lays out how your site is performing in each of the areas mentioned above.  The report will make a range of recommendations based on what you identify as your goals for the site and will provide a list of actionable tasks that will help to improve the health and performance of your site.

What information is needed to undertake the health check?

When you are ready to have a website health check simply start by filling in the form below.

Once I receive your completed form,  I will touch base to talk you through providing access to accounts such as Google Analytics.

How long will it take to receive my report?

Once payment is received, I aim to complete the report within a week, however if I have a heavy workload I will let you know how long the report will take before requesting payment.

Can you help me implement the recommendations of the report?

I absolutely can, for many of my clients the Website Health Check is the beginning of our relationship.  Some clients have me carry out all of the recommendations in the report.  Others are keen to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty,  in this case I provide training, advice and support when required.

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